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Brilliance is at Your Fingertips


  • Choose colours from any palette.

  • Choose beautiful finishes from dead flats to satins to gloss.

  • Accent painting (walls, ceilings, trim, doors)

  • Crisp, clean, straight edging.

  • Patching, filling, surface repair.

  • We are experienced with all paints and finishes.


Let's Talk About Prep


We take wall preparation seriously and are skilled in filling holes, marks, dings, and flaking areas. We use high quality drywall compound or spackling that can be worked and sanded finely for near seamless results. We prime the patches so that they do not 'flash' after being painted.


For a smooth finish, walls should be at least scuff sanded prior to painting. We can also sand (sometimes powersand) areas that have a very rough finish (from a previous poor paint job) to obtain a better new finish.


Glossier surfaces like trims and doors may need to be sanded, primed, or painted with a premium paint, depending on the needs of the customer. We are always attentitve to the (seemingly) smaller points.


Water stains, wood knots, smoke and other stains can be blocked with the right primer.


We will always prime new wood so it adheres paint

properly. If you have new wood for trim or doors, it

should be sanded after priming.


The list can go on, but just remember that finishing

work is all about the details!

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